About the AFMTC

Welcome to the AFM Theological College.

We envision a world where biblically grounded, Pentecostal leaders emerge as catalysts for positive change, influencing and transforming communities both locally and globally.

A Message From the Principal

Why study theology at AFMTC?

At AFMTC, studying theology is more than an academic pursuit; it’s a journey to become a theologically qualified leader within diverse communities. Our emphasis on Faith, Love, and Hope, coupled with a Pentecostal voice, prepares students to be facilitators of transformation, impacting the world inside and outside the church.

Pastor Barend Petersen

Our Mission

AFMTC is committed to providing online theological education that empowers believers for Kingdom ministry. Through academic development, a Pentecostal theological perspective, and cultivating an empowered mindset centered on Faith, Love, and Hope, we aim to produce leaders who are equipped to address the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Values

Leadership Values

Kingdom-Focused Leadership
Servant Leadership
Collaborative Synergy
Teamwork and Unity
Authentic Relationships
Generational Reproduction

Educational Values

Glorifying God in Learning
Holistic Growth
Inclusive Gathering
Generosity in Sharing
Ethical Governance
Applied Knowledge

Management Values

Godly Wisdom in Decision-Making
Servanthood in Management
Stewardship of Resources
Integrity in Operations
Functional Efficiency
Transparent Communication

Our Philosophy

AFMTC’s philosophy is rooted in Reproduction and a Christ-centered Trinitarian Worldview.


We see ourselves as stewards of leadership development, focusing not only on the present but on the generations to come. Our commitment to reproducing leaders aligns with the biblical principle of multi-generational impact.

Christ-Centered, Trinitarian Worldview

AFMTC’s Triune Worldview reflects a holistic approach to theological education, addressing internal, external, and transcendent realities.

Internal Reality

Faith at AFM Theological College is a dynamic force propelling individuals to intimately know God. It surpasses mere belief, fostering a transformative relationship with God. It represents unwavering trust in God’s promises, a commitment to living out biblical truths, and a catalyst for courageous action—a bedrock shaping every aspect of a Pentecostal worldview.

External Reality

Love, at AFM Theological College, transcends sentimental feelings; it’s an active, sacrificial force addressing prevalent social pain. Grounded in the biblical command to love one another, our perspective on love transforms believers into agents of positive change. At AFMTC, love is not just an emotion; it’s a powerful commitment to making a tangible impact on individuals and communities, reflecting the compassionate heart of God.

Eternal Reality

Hope at AFMTC isn’t wishful thinking; it’s a strong assurance grounded in recognizing the brokenness of the world. It’s a confident expectation that, through Christ, positive change and redemption are not only possible but inevitable. Our emphasis on hope acknowledges the challenges individuals and communities face, coupled with the assurance that, with a Pentecostal perspective, believers can be instruments of transformation. Hope at AFMTC inspires believers to be beacons of light, providing real solutions and pathways to restoration in a world often shrouded in darkness.

Application Period Updates

Applications for all programmes for the first semester are now closed. Stay tuned for updates and explore other opportunities with us.

Thank you!