Bachelor of Theology
Accredited, primary program

South-African society is characterized by a need for church leaders who are able to provide a wide variety of tasks, and who are well-informed about recent developments in the field of theology.

The Bachelor of Theology degree has been developed to empower students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge that is essential to succeed as well-equipped leaders in the Church and Society. Students are exposed to the full field of theological disciplines which will provide them with knowledge and skills that are crucial to excel in the practical work of the Church.

Student Bible Study Programme
Non-accredited, secondary program

A three-year biblical foundation course based on the AFM Masterplan’s fundamentals.

Student Leadership Development Programme
Non-accredited, secondary program

A three-year leadership development programme, established at three levels – a leader’s calling, character, and competency.

Accreditation Notice

Dear Visitor,

We have applied for accreditation from the Department of Higher Education, affirming our commitment to academic excellence.

While awaiting the decision, our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional education continues. We appreciate your support and will promptly share updates on the accreditation status.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

The AFM Theological College