AFMTC has lodged an application for accreditation of a Bachelor of Theology Degree and accreditation as a private institution to deliver the qualification with the Higher Education Qualifications Council (HEQC) on the 22 October 2018. The reference number for the Application is H/PR1126/E001CAN.
For the purposes of this application the accreditation is for the following qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of the SAQA:

Qualification Type: Bachelor’s Degree
CESM 17: Philosophy, Religion, and Theology
First Qualifier: 1703 – Theology
170303 – Christianity
NQF Level: Level 7
Total No of Credits: 360

The accreditation and registration of AFMTC with the Department of Education and Training (DHET), HEQC, and SAQA would provide assurance that the quality of our programmes is of the highest standard. Our programmes will, therefore, be nationally and internationally comparable and the credits earned with us will be truly “portable”, i.e. the credits can be transferred to other accredited, registered institutions.
Although the registration and accreditation are for a Bachelor of Theology Degree, it is used for the initial accreditation with the view of expanding the scope of the College to cover certificate, diploma, and postgraduate qualifications.

Accreditation Notice

Dear Visitor,

We have applied for accreditation from the Department of Higher Education, affirming our commitment to academic excellence.

While awaiting the decision, our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional education continues. We appreciate your support and will promptly share updates on the accreditation status.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

The AFM Theological College